Comic 524 - Catching Hell, Page 16
14th May 2018, 12:00 AM in Catching Hell
Catching Hell, Page 16
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Author Notes:
Donna Barr edit delete
Donna Barr
Pfirsich Rommel is the Desert Fox's gay brother. He's dead, and the AfterReich is the live world that is his afterlife. Udo was his orderly in his lifetime. Udo doesn't know if he remembers him or not (he does, but he's not admitting it). They're trying to get Udo's toaster ghost back - and get Udo a gun to protect a roller derby team that really doesn't need protecting. Guns come from a very weird place in the AfterReich. The operating system is even weirder.
User comments:
Rob S. Rice (Guest) edit delete reply
Not a bad explanation, and what one person might consider a punishment, another person, having undergone it, might very well NOT consider a punishment. No longer being human might by some be considered a promotion.
Donna Barr edit delete reply
Donna Barr
Tell me about it. I get hired to do TF fiction and art all the time. I'm good at the anatomy of humans and horses and donkeys. I have to say I prefer to be human, because I can do more good that way. Foxes are coming to us to have jars pulled off their heads, ravens to have porcupine quills removed. And zoos are breeding the future. I think Noah may be a prediction.