Comic 259 - Prized, Page 17
29th Sep 2016, 12:00 AM in Prized
Prized, Page 17
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Charles Montpetit (Guest) edit delete reply
On this page (, the title of this sub-series has become "Afterdead" after 16 pages of "Prized". Is this significant or just an accidental lapse?

While we're at it, according the Guide to the Donna Barr Papers (, "Prized" is dated 2006, while "Catching Hell" is from 2013. However, the stories are presented here in a different order. I'm aware that you like to play with flashbacks and flash-forwards, so is the order used in the Afterdead archive the one that you now recommend, or is it preferable to stick to the chronological one? And if it's the latter, would you consider adding a date to the opening page of each story in the Afterdead archive?
Donna Barr edit delete reply
Donna Barr
I just caught that myself and was in the process of changing it. So we're good!

"Catching Hell" got put here because I still had Webcomicsnation, but then it basically went away. It comes after everything - I was going to update it after I loaded everything.

I can update it by just ONE page? I will go do that! Thank you, fellow geek!