Comic 165 - Keeper, Page 40
3rd Mar 2016, 12:00 AM in Keeper
Keeper, Page 40
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Justin Wolf (Guest) edit delete reply
Obersturmfuhrer Barlow, one of Rosens relatives? at least that's what he looks like in the second frame.
Donna Barr edit delete reply
Donna Barr
Well, Rosen (who is half English) DOES have an extended and handsome British family. Either that, or that degree of pilot handsome always considers itself entitled to flirt.
godhi edit delete reply
If the Gryphon was male, would he play chess? And would he know a certain Black Unicorn?
Donna Barr edit delete reply
Donna Barr
Was that from my earlier work? I know, I'm forgetting my own stuff..... thank you for all your great comments, Godhi! Answering a specific question, here - or posing another one.